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Recreational & Off-Road


The Berwick Agency, Inc. works with multiple insurance carriers, which enables us to provide our customers choices in protection.  We’ll  work with you to determine if there are discounts available based on your age and even offer credit for completed safety courses, multiple motorcycle owners, or renewals and help you evaluate your need for a policy that protects you, your motorcycle(s) and your investment in accessories.  We want you to be protected and ride with confidence!

Off-Road Vehicles/ATV


Even though many off-road vehicles are typically never driven on the pavement, they are still an investment that needs protection.  Many off-road vehicles can be expensive.  Protect your investment and get liability coverage. Contact us today at (802) 592-3234 for a free policy quote for your dune buggy, ATV’s and other off-road vehicles.



An RV (Recreational Vehicle) is a vehicle that combines transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation and camping.  According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, there are two main categories of RV’s motorized and tow-able (towed behind the family car, van or pickup).  The types of tow-able RV’s are folding camping trailers, expandable trailers, truck campers, conventional travel trailers and fifth wheel travel trailers.

There is an RV for every taste and therefore,  a wide variety of insurance options available for your protection.  With more than 8.9 million U.S. households owning an RV, our agency has the experience to develop the optimal plan to cover your investment.

The flexibility, convenience, and family appeal of the RV industry has caused it to become a fast-growing industry with more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds available nationwide.



In Northern New England, snowmobiling is a way of life.  The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) is responsible for the organization of the sport, maintaining and grooming trails.  One of the oldest snowmobiling organizations in the U.S., VAST is a non-profit, private group that includes 138 clubs statewide, with over 35,000 members combined.

As a registered vehicle, snowmobiles require insurance and the Berwick Agency, Inc. specializes in finding the right policy for you.  Contact us at (802) 592-3234 for a free quote for your snowmobile.